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Broad Experience, Attention to Detail

2Point, Inc. specializes in boundary research, analysis, and expert testimony on topics including: state grant overlaps, rights of way and easements, conflicting chains of conveyance, railroad lands, and unwritten rights.  We have extensive experience with the challenges associated with difficult boundary retracements, land disputes, and complex survey situations where attention to detail, proven expertise, and professional consultation services can provide the information you need to resolve your boundary issues.


Working Within the Court System

When dealing with a possible courtroom dispute, increased emphasis must be placed on collecting all relevant data regarding past and present land use. Reliance on recorded documents will not always suffice. Aerial photographs, old highway maps, written local histories, postcards and other secondary sources may provide information that is critical to the outcome of the case. Any acts performed on the land by either party that could prove an unwritten transfer of title must be documented. All information must be collected and stored in such a manner as to render it acceptable evidence under the federal and state rules of evidence.


The surveyor works closely with the attorney, who determines the overall strategy of the litigation. While the surveyor directs the survey work and advises the attorney, the surveyor should not be asked to act in the role of attorney. Failure to operate within the scope of permissible duties may nullify the effectiveness of the surveyor as an expert witness.


Knowledge of rules of retracement, legal mechanisms for transferring title and relevant easement law is critical both during the research phase and for the presentation of data in the courtroom. Without detailed knowledge of the legal mechanisms of title transfer, the surveyor may miss or ignore key evidence while focusing on less relevant information.


Most disputes dealing with real property law will necessitate specific in-depth research on previous court decisions relevant to the controversy. 2Point, Inc. has the experience to perform this research and to provide an overall perspective based on years of prior research and analysis of real property decisions.


In the courtroom, the expert must be an experienced presenter so that relevant information is clearly and concisely conveyed to the judge and jury. The ability to speak to an audience and provide critical information quickly and in a situation where unexpected questions may arise is a skill separate from general knowledge of basic principles.



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