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A major provider of advanced continuing education programs for surveyors and other land-use professionals, Kris Kline has presented courses in more than 30 jurisdictions in the last decade.

A nationally recognized industry leader, Kris customizes his conference material to the state where the presentation is scheduled, including material from adjoining states as appropriate. Student reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and repeat engagements are commonplace.


Customizable Courses. Courses can be modified and additional topics can be developed upon request, but these options may require longer preparation time. Current and customized research is necessary when providing the most up-to-date courses.


Book Now! Consider booking classes at least four months ahead of your scheduled conference date. Bookings often take place a year in advance, and some “preferred dates” may not be available.


Specialized Seminars. Kris is now working with his friend and mentor Donald A. Wilson and serves as an instructor for Surveying Educational Seminars. Mr. Wilson has attained national recognition as an educator and consultant. His publications are widely recognized for their comprehensive coverage of complex title issues.


It is a fundamental tenet of contract law that the parties must enter into a meeting of the minds in order to form an enforceable contract… A meeting of the minds is the essence of all contracts. 

- Chesapeake Appalachia v. Hickman: 236 W. Va. 421; 781 S.E.2d 198; 2015

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