Welcome to 2Point, Inc. Backed by more than 20 years in the industry, we deliver surveys, reports, and detailed research you can trust prepared by a boundary consultant who understands your individual needs and challenges. We also recognize that nothing is more important than providing results that are correct, complete and indisputable. 


We can help address the full spectrum of challenges including difficult boundary retracements, boundary disputes, or complex survey situations where attention to detail, proven expertise and professional consultation services can provide the information you need to resolve your boundary problem.

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Kris is pleased to announce that he will be working with his friend and mentor Donald A. Wilson as an instructor for Surveying Educational Seminars . Mr. Wilson has attained national recognition as an educator and consultant. His publications are widely recognized for their comprehensive coverage of complex title issues. Recent works by Mr. Wilson include Interpreting Land Records, Forensic Procedures for Boundary & Title Investigation, and Easements Relating to Land Surveying and Title Examination.


2Point is a major provider of advanced continuing education programs for surveyors and other professionals, presented by a nationally-recognized industry leader on subjects ranging from boundary retracement to adverse possession, easements, and riparian boundary issues.

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Kris' new books are now available! "Rooted in Stone" is a comprehensive text that includes over 600 rulings and provides a detailed analysis of Adverse Possession and Prescriptive Easements with a separate chapter for each of 20 eastern states.

"Riparian Boundaries" considers significant legal concepts associated with water boundaries and river use. This book provides valuable perspective on  Rights of Navigation, Underlying Fee Ownership, and other Riparian Rights.

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Rooted in Stone

Riparian Boundaries

See sample pages from Rooted in Stone and Riparian Boundaries.

Read articles by Kris Kline in Point of Beginning magazine. Articles published from January 2013 to present may be accessed through the  "Point of Beginning" website.

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